29 july 1905 - 27 Sept 1965 (60)

Her first portrait

Pretending she was 16 years old (born in 1905), but on her official certificate of death and her grave it's written:

1907 !!

She probably lied for admission in first contest and continued after, look on the photo below ? 16 ? hum ... who knows ?

Extrait of her famous moving interview:

"...My father is the only person I care for, really.

My mother was a very beautiful woman. She came of a good family in New York State and her mother was French and her father was Scotch. They lived on a country place a few hours from New York City. I was never there, because it was gone before I was born. But from what my mother told me it must have been quiet and beautiful and prosperous.

Perhaps that was the reason that my mother didn't want to marry. She idolized her father and loved the home where she had been born and brought up, and that was all she wanted from life. Marriage frightened her. She felt no need of anything more in her life than her father and mother and the quiet life she lead in the country.

On an adjoining farm lived a family named Bow. They had always been neighbors. The Bows were Scotch and English, of the kind I guess that make landed farmers and squires in the old country. There were thirteen children in the Bow family and my mother had always played with them. The youngest of them was a boy, Harry Bow.

And he was the darling of the family and just about my mother's age. He was a handsome, talented boy who captivated everybody. He just made people like him so much that they didn't stop to think much else about him. He had a merry laugh, and he could ride and play and was always good-natured and happy..."


cool driving in "Wings"

1 - Such an awful chilhood:

An absent father & a mad mother !
One night in February 1922, Bow awoke to a butcher knife held against her throat by her mother. Clara was able to fend off the attack, and locked her mother up.
In fact the lost of her 2 baby sisters made her mother mad and was diagnosed schizophrenic
a rough tomboy she grew with boys, rejected by girls she found silly sissy

2 - She escaped in Cinema:

Seeing many movies to escape such an ugly family. She always dreamed to be an actress.
She won an acting contest in 1922 which introduced her in Hollywood.
Her first appearance in a movie in 1922 was in ""Down to the Sea in Ships"

The Kokomo Daily Tribune,
October 6, 1923:

"With her beauty, her brains, her personality and her genuine acting ability it should not be many moons before she enjoys stardom in the fullest sense of the word. You must see 'Down to the Sea in Ships"

HER FIRST FILM (1922) "Down to the sea in ships"


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