A famous song, through Ages

Maurice Marny, a Paris junk dealer, jumps into the Seine to save little Jo-Jo, whose mother committed suicide, and takes the child to his grandfather, Emile Leval.
Maurice falls in love with the boy's aunt, Louise, but Emile bitterly opposes the match. In the Flea Market, where he sings, Maurice attracts the attention of Monsieur Renard, a theater manager, who offer him a part in their revue.
Broken-hearted, Louise tries to persuade him to give up the stage, but to no avail. Emile, learning of their love, sets out for the theater with a pistol, but Louise has him arrested for attempted murder, to protect Maurice and in desperation confesses her plot.
Maurice returns to the theater and performs as a junkman rather than as the prince for which he is billed, and, triumphant, he renounces his career for the love of Louise.

Marvelous slideshow with the french Maurice Chevalier who sung "Louise"


many orchestras played it
The french version
Bing Crosby
1930 1938 1944
English Crooner
Sax band
Django Reinhardt (guitar)
1944 1948 1952
Famous Glen Miller Band
The great Dean Martin
Jerry Lewis (The Stooge)
1960 1966 1980
The Thin men
Earl Hines (piano)
Jeane Manson
2000 2013 Et Caetera, Etc...
A Capella
The Singapore Slingers


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