1927 - Now we're in the air


Directed by
Frank R. Strayer

Now We're in the Air was the third in a series of war comedies starring Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton. It followed on the heels of the popular Behind the Front and We're in the Navy Now (both 1926).
E. Burton Steene was assigned to the film to assist cinematographer Harry Perry by adding a versatile Akeley field camera to capture more spectacular footage.
The working title may have been We're Up in the Air Now to parrot the second film's title, according to the Aug 1927 AmCin.

Wally and Ray are cousins intent upon getting the fortune of their Scotch grand-dad, an aviation nut. They become mixed-up with the U. S. flying corps and are wafted over the enemy lines in a runaway balloon. Through misunderstanding they are honored as heroes of the enemy forces, and sent back to the U. S. lines to spy. On each side they met twin sisters, a german, Griselle, a french, Grisette, Louise played the 2 roles.

Grisette (the french twin)

the saved film
the 4 Louise's films of 1927 are lost, but a miracle in 2016, reels were found in czesch archives and twenty-three minutes were restored and screened at the Twenty-Second Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival on 2 Jun 2017.

thanks to SFSFF President Rob Byrne.

Most of the footage featured Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton creating mayhem around a World War I airfield. Aerial battle footage from Wings (1927, see entry) had also been intercut into the action.

And lucky we are, scene with Grisette, the french twin and the most famous picture of Louise in black tutu

Griselle (the german twin)



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