6 Oct 1906 - 14 Sept 1984 (77)

Marvelous Tribute
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The first Award of History A lightning Rise
For 3 movies:
"Sunrise", "7th Heaven" and "Street Angel"

After her first movies in 1924, she played too short films with John Ford and William Wyler. Selected in the famous 13 Wampas in 1926 she became the main actress of the Fox.

She exploded in 1927, the great silent year, with Frank Borzage and FW Murnau, her 3 masterpieces and her first award in 1929

She continued her career with F Borzage and the delicious "Lucky Star" and with FW Murnau and "The 4 devils", sadly lost.

Of course in 1929-1930 she had to break the sound wall, and she succeed with great talent in the funny musical comedy "Sunnyside Up". So she started a talking career.

Until 1937 with the famous "A Star is Born", first of this Hollywood saga, and a 2d Award for Best Actress.

She retired in 1938, aged 33. To have a family life in a ranch.

Once upon a time, The Hollywood LOVEBIRDS"

Janet and Charles
The 12 movies duo
Impossible to speak of Janet without speaking of Charles Farrell.
When you see their movies, you feel more than complicity, at least a great friendship, but they eyes said Love.
It's still a well hidden mystery, but they never married (explanation in the forum)

1927 - 7th Heaven * 1928 Street Angel

1929 - Lucky Star and Happy days

1929 - Sunnyside up * 1930 - High Society Blues

1931 - The Man Who Came Back and Merely Mary Ann

1931 - Delicious

1932 - The First Year and Tess of the Storm Country

1934 - Change of Heart (12th and last one)

6 GREAT MOVIES (my feelings)
1927 Sunrise 1927 7th Heaven 1928 Street Angel
Freidrich Willem Murnau Frank Borzage Frank Borzage
Sunrise 7th Heaven Street Angel
1929 Lucky Star 1934 Change of Heart 1937 A Star is Born
Frank Borzage John G. Blystone William A. Wellman
Lucky Star Change A star

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