14 Oct 1893 - 27 Feb 1993 (99)

Tribute Oscar (1971)
"I'm speechless,..." isn't she adorable in Silent ?

The Great Lady of Cinema
* a 75 years career *

A long and brilliant career
Once again a drunked father who abandoned them !

Since 1902 she played with mother in theatre even with Sarah Bernard, so when Mother and baby sister Dorothy moved to New-York in 1912, she was 19 years old, luckyly the girl next door was an actress named Gladys Smith.

This girl took the stage name Mary Pickford ! And in 1912 Lillian had 10 years of playing experience, her friend Mary decided to introduce the sisters to a certain DW Griffith

DW Griffith launched her career and she became his favourite actress. Very popular she made many films until the masterpiece "Birth of a nation" in 1915.

A star was born and she will have a continuing success for decades and in many masterpieces

She was credited in 119 films or TV show (IMDB) and except a decade hole in the 30's at the beginning of talking, she played until 1987, like in the famous "Night of the Hunter" in 1955

She retired in 1988 and died in 1993, 99 years old, wasn't it a marvelous life ?

Thanks a lot sweet Miss Lilly

* Sisters Gish and Mr Griffith *

Best of Griffith - Gish
They made 41 movies together
A few list of the most known movies

1912 - An unseen enemy (The first short 17 min)

1912 - The musketeers of pig alley

1913 - The mothering heart

1914 - Judith of Bethulia (First long with 61 min)

1915 - Birth of a Nation (incredible 3h13 min)

1916 - Intolerance (3H30 the longest masterpiece)

1918 - Hearts of the world

1919 - True Heart Susie

1919 - Broken blossoms

1920 - Way down east

1921 - Orphans of the storm (the last collaboration)

Many of them with Mary Pickford at the beginning and her sister.

Christy Cabane, Griffith's assistant, was her second director in 1913 in "An Indian's Loyalty"

6 GREAT MOVIES (my feelings)
1915 Birth of a Nation 1916 Intolerance 1919 Broken Blossoms
DW Griffith DW Griffith DW Griffith
nation into broken
1926 La boheme 1929 The Wind 1955 Night of the Hunter
King Vidor Victor Sjostrom Charles Laughton
boheme wind hunter

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